2017 event
Sat.– Sun. • July 22–23, 2017

Do you ride an ELITE Ranch Horse?
Come put your skills to the ultimate challenge!
  • Two Days/Two Courses
  • 17 elite challenges
  • Awards: Overall Champion Buckle, 1st Place Buckle, & 2nd Place Headstall and Breast Collar
  • Course based on most AQHA events:
    Roping, Reining, Trail, Horsemanship, Jumping, and Cutting

Entry Fee & Awards

$100 per competitor

(1 person, 1 horse; $25 each additional horse)

Pre-registration is open through July 14, 2017. Entry Fee may increase after July 14. Fee does not include meals. (See Accomodations.) Competitors 13 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A completed Release of Liability is required.

  • Overall Champion - Buckle
  • 1st Place - Buckle
  • 2nd Place - Headstall & Breast Collar

The Course

Two Days / Two courses
Bridle-less Pattern Course

Bridle-less Pattern will test how comfortable the rider is without bridle and how well they communicate with their horse. Rider may have a rein, lead rope or string around horse's neck. If horse and rider are not capable of riding without bridle they will not be disqualified, but points will be deducted.

Wooded Trail Course

Wooded Trail Course riders will start the course by opening/closing a gate. Once through the gate, rider will start out trotting and picking up correct diagonals, then kicking into a lope in the lead suggested, and then doing a lead change. Rider will then follow trail markers to different Stations.

All riders will be timed and scored on Sunday.


  • Loading & Unloading
  • Riding through Gate
  • Stationary Roping Steer
  • Side Passing Log
  • Crossing Water
  • Dragging Log
  • Ride Up Through Tight Area
  • Side Passing ( W )
  • Loping Between Markers
  • Picking Up Feet
  • Crossing Bridge
  • Trotting or Loping Over Obstacle
  • Rain Slicker
  • Side Passing to Mail Box
  • Heifer Pen
  • Trotting Over Logs
  • Trotting Between Markers

The finish line will be marked with white posts, after last marker the rider may go through finish line as fast as they want.

Judging &Times

Loading & Unloading

Scored on how well horse loads and unloads

  • Loads/unloads with ease
  • Hesitates
  • Fights
Riding through Gate

Scored on how well horse allows rider to open and close gate

  • Rider never lets go of gate
  • Rider lets go of gate
Stationary Roping Steer

Timed and Scored

  • Horn only
  • Entire head
  • Half head
  • Double hocks
  • Single hock
Side Passing Log

Timed and Scored

  • How many times log was stepped on or touched
Crossing Water

Scored on how well the horse crosses

  • Crosses with ease
  • Hesitates
  • Fights crossing
  • Needs led across
Roping Log

Times it takes to rope log & reaction of horse when pulling

  • Jolt
  • Shy away
  • Accept that the log is following
Crossing Water

Scored on how well the horse crosses

  • Crosses with ease
  • Hesitates
  • Fights crossing
  • Needs led across
Ride Up Through Tight Area

Scored how well horse accepts confined space
(Note there is an alternate route if horse will not go up confined space.)

  • Rides up no issues
  • Hesitates
  • Fights
  • Needs led up
Side Passing ( W )

Timed and scored

  • How many times log was stepped on or touched
Loping Between Markers
  • Steps it takes to get correct lead
Picking Up Feet

Scored on steps it takes to get to left lead

  • Ease of picking up feet
Crossing Bridge

Scored on how well horse crosses

  • No issues crossing
  • Hesitates
  • Fights
  • Needs led across
Trot or Lope Over Obstacle

Scored on how well horse "jumps"

  • Jumps with no issues
  • Hesitates
  • Fights
  • Does not jump
Rain Slicker

Scored on how well horse accepts the sound and touch of slicker

Side Pass to Mail Box

Timed and scored

  • How many times log was stepped on or touched
  • Horses reaction to calf number paper
Heifer Pen


  • How long to find heifer number
  • Sort out heifer
  • Holding heifer away from rest of herd for alotted amount of time
Trotting Over Logs

Scored on how many logs get stepped on or touched

Running Between Markers
  • Correct diagonals, leads, and controlled sprint
  • How well horse slows when asked
  • Horse must be under control before last marker to finish line


Pre-Register by July 14, 2017

Saturday, July 22
  • Check-In & Registration: 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m.
  • Practice run until comfortable/familiar with course.
Sunday, July 23
  • Competition Starts: 9:00 a.m.
  • Awards: 7:30 p.m.

Schedule is subject to change based on number of contestants.


Meals (not included in entry fee)
  • NO catering will be offered. Drinks (Gatorade, water and pop) will be sold at additional costs.
  • Lots of room for tents, campers, camp chairs, living quarter trailers etc. Bring your own power source
For Horses
  • Hay is available for a fee (large round bales of mixed grass hay)
  • Open riding is permitted in certain areas
  • Limited horse pens available or bring own panels
  • Water will be hauled to stock tanks for water


After July 14, please call 605-430-0936 or 308-360-2685.

Please Register as early as possible to reserve your spot!

Online registration open through July 14. (Payment not required to register.)
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Taylor & Chasidy Christensen

  • Taylor: 605-430-0936
  • Chasidy: 308-360-2685
  • 535 West Ash Creek, Crawford, Nebraska

5 miles east of Crawford on West Ash Creek road. Or 4 miles South on Hartman road. Drive way starts at the end of Hartman Road.